Thursday, March 3, 2016

Interested in Becoming a Pharmacy Technician?

If you want to become a pharmacy technician, there are a couple of things that you should have or accomplish before applying to a company or a hospital. The first would be an education, of course. Since the world of medicine is growing every day, it's no surprise that pharmacy technician's are now in demand and not to mention that there are a lot of schools that offer pharmacy technician certification as well.

If you do not have a certification or you haven't had the chance to study in order to become a pharmacy technician, you should check out some universities or schools that offer them or if you do not have the time to do that, you can always go online and check for online universities that offer the pharmacy technician course. Being a pharmacy technician, like any other job, will pretty much take its toll and will make you tired. Make sure that this is the medical job that you want and be ready for it.

What Is the Pharmacy Technician Salary?

What is the typical salary for a pharmacy technician? Well, if you want to become a pharmacy technician it is just natural that you will ask what the salary is or what you are going to get; what would be the point in working as one if you wouldn't be able to get anything, right? There is no definite number or amount on how much the pharmacy technician salary is, but then again since there are different offices or hospitals in the world, surely it would pretty much vary and not to mention since this is one important job along with other medical jobs, the salary is probably pretty high. If you are new and you want to become a pharmacy technician in a certain hospital or company, it would be best if you would research or ask on how much you will be getting. Asking the Human Resources personnel or your boss for that matter would probably give you a ball park figure on how much you're getting. If you want an increase or bonuses, then you should - like everybody else - work for it.

Where to Get a Pharmacy Technician Certification?

The medical world is constantly growing and since medicine plays an important role in the world, pharmacy technicians are needed. Medical jobs are kind of hard to get in to, so if you want to become a pharmacy technician you better make sure that you get your pharmacy technician certification. You can always attend school or a university which offers this course; studying this course or getting a certification wouldn't take that long and if you study hard or not miss any anything surely you will be able to get your certification with flying colors. If you do not have time to go to a university, you can always check the Internet if there are sites that offer the pharmacy technician certification. All in all if you want to get a medical job like becoming pharmacy technician, all you have to do is to prepare for it. Know what to do, enroll yourself in order to get a good education and surely in the end you will get a pharmacy technician certification.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pharmacy Technician Salary - Complementing the Challenging Career

If you are looking for a profile that does not require any formal training, then pharmacy technician is just perfect for you. You can take home a handsome pay in the form of pharmacy technician salary. The present job market scenario shows that all those profiles assuring handsome salary require the candidate to attend some or the other training schedule. 

Pharmacy technician job thus, is gaining a lot of popularity because it does not require any technical qualification. The person needs to display exemplary skills in terms of handling stressed customers nicely and sympathetically, getting them their prescriptions at the earliest and many more. Most of such skills are inherent nature of a person and cannot be induced through training.

What are the necessary inputs for pharmacy technician salary calculator?

Pharmacy technician salary calculator requires inputs like job location (city or state) and educational qualification to find out the best salary available for this job. This calculator gives you a fair idea about the career prospects available in the profession.  It is a common finding that the people are earning decent salary by assisting a pharmacist in maintaining the drug store.  There is a considerable gap in the salaries of the people residing in State and Metropolitan areas. The structure of facilities provided to the candidate also varies as per the area where the job is being sought. There are a lot of duties that are to be performed by the pharmacy assistant. All these duties may or may not be the part of the technician’s profile.

Pharmacy technician salary is not the function of duties performed

Duties performed by a pharmacy assistant are not a factor of the salary offered. Actually, the profile requires the candidates to perform a wide range of activities. All these activities are compensated in the form of lump sum salary. He or she has to be an empathetic person who is able to feel for the people coming to the store. This is significant for patients those are already under stress and expect the customer support to be very cordial in approach.

Secondly, there are a lot many technical duties like handling the fax machine, attending calls, helping the patients in getting their prescriptions back on time and many more. This requires the pharmacy technician to be a multi-tasking specialist. For performing all activities flawlessly, keeping the cool is of paramount importance.

Pharmacy Tech Salary Is Scaling New Heights

This profile has become quite desirable because of the lucrative package offered to the job-holders. The average pharmacy technician salary, according to some reliable sources is $35000. This shows that this job is considered to be of great importance and the employers are doing every possible bit to get hold of the right candidate.

The employers are providing a variety of benefits to the candidates who want to make a career in medicine industry. Pharmacy stores are normally spread evenly in the cities and choosing the right place to work can cut down the transportation cost manifold. Employers are taking care of transportation needs of the workers by including transportation allowance in the pharmacy technician salary package.

Training May Help You Win Extra

It is quite obvious that trained people do not require much help and direction. Hence, if the candidate undergoes a formal training that helps him understand various aspects of a pharmacy store, he is more likely to hit the jackpot. The activities like drug measurement, knowledge about weights, and technique behind prescription reading and arranging the pharmacy store can become easier for the job performer with the help of formal training. Hence, to get an edge over the competitors, training is desirable but not compulsory.

This profile is so flexible that anybody can make it a firm ladder to success. Even the least demanding job as that of a cashier in the pharmacy store can be the starting point for this career. Most experienced and well-to-do pharmacy specialists often get the idea of delving deep into the pharmacy store while performing the duty of a cashier.

Pharmacy Technician Salary In Ohio 

There are a lot many cities in Ohio that have varied pharmacy technician salary structures. It is studied that in cities like Houston, Tempa and Louisville, the salary is adequate to meet the cost of the living there. The salary there ranges from $22000 to $44000 depending upon the location of the job and the qualification of the person. A certified pharmacy assistant is expected to make more money than the untrained one. Training has been made mandatory for getting promotion and certification.
The maintenance of refills and reorders is the main job of a pharmacy assistant. He is not supposed to pass the medical judgments to the visiting patients.

Salary And Benefits

Responsibility regarding keeping the pharmacy store updated allows the candidate to lead a respectable and peaceful life. The place of the work is the main attraction of this job. All the stores are supposed to be very much clean and tidy. There is hardly anybody who says no to a hygienic environment. Secondly, the job requires the person to have a reasonable knowledge about the stock maintenance. Therefore, this job is also liked because of the expertise involved.

Other profiles similar to that of pharmacy technician and their salaries are:
  • Senior pharmacy technician - $38000
  • Pharmacy technician corrections setting - $24000
  • Lead pharmacy technician - $40,000
  • Supervisory Pharmacy technician - $38000
  • PtCb Pharmacy technician - $41000
All these figure show that pharmacy technician salary hike is commensurate with the increase in experience and responsibility. There is always a better scope for the performers and the best performing professionals can easily touch the new heights. Once the important milestones are achieved, one can also think of becoming a leader or mentor. This stage is more like the payback period. Experience not only helps you in making more money but also in becoming the guiding star to the budding professionals.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

What a Pharmacy Technician Does

A pharmacy technician is simply the person who helps a pharmacist in the running of a pharmacy. A pharmacy technician is supposed to be knowledgeable about all the drugs in the pharmacy and their uses so as to know the correct drug to issue to a patient. A pharmacy technician is also expected to know the drug prescriptions in order to avoid overdosing or under dosing the patient who gets drugs from a pharmacy.

All chemical drugs in a pharmacy are basically poisonous to human beings if taken in excess and hence a pharmacy technician should have enough knowledge about these drugs in order to subscribe them in moderation according to the prescription issued. In order to have an effective pharmacy technician you need to check for the qualifications of each interested technician through their certifications in order to determine the most suitable pharmacy technician who can ensure the running of a pharmacy smoothly.

Pharmacy Technician and Its Functions

Pharmacy technician is the one who performs pharmacy related responsibility. They are ought to be under the command of a pharmacist. The pharmacist must be a licensed one as well. Their functions are important as a professional and licensed one. Some of their responsibility is to clarify communications with doctors who made a prescription of medicine and to the insurance.

They make sure that proper reimbursement is made to the client. Correct medications are compared to the prescription, too. It is important that despite the prices, patients get the right medication. Pharmacy technicians can also answer some questions of the patients. Thus, it has to do with the medications. They can do this activity personally or even in a phone line. Pharmacy technicians are not only capable in working at the drug stores. They can be employed in pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies. So, what are you waiting for? Get your units and be employed.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Information on the Pharmacy Technician Occupation

In order for an individual to become a pharmacy technician, he or she should attend a school which offers this course and at high standards. This means that an individual should be careful while choosing a pharmacy technican school. One can use the internet to research on the school, or he or she should personally visit a variety of pharmacy technician schools that are around. Among the factors that one should consider while choosing this school are:
1. The location and accessibility of that school should - An individual should choose a school which is readily accessible and is offering good quality learning facilities. The location is also necessary in order for an individual to save time and money. The proximity of a place is necessary since an individual may be able to perform well.
2. The cost - One should consider the cost because it is important to choose a school which meets his or her financial position.
The Role of a Pharmacy Technician
The role of a pharmacy technician is to act as an assistant to a fully qualified pharmacist. However, the role of a pharmacy technician in a certain state can vary with the role of another pharmacy technician in another state. After training and getting certified as a pharmacy technician, one can be allowed to be involved in all pharmacy activities, except for those that require the expertise of a highly qualified pharmacist.
There are those things that a pharmacy technician can be allowed to do, and there are those that he can not. For instance, he can be guided by a professional pharmacist to fill a prescription, but he can not be allowed to advise the patients on any matters related to the suitability of their medication. Therefore, the pharmacy technician should not make any decisions about the kind of medication a patient should take. He is only allowed to refer the patients to the pharmacist and they can be assisted accordingly.

Where Should a Pharmacy Technician Find a Job?

Unemployment is one of the major causes of poverty in most parts of the world. This is due to the fact that parents, guardians, and sponsors spend a lot of money educating their children. It is quite challenging for one to get a pharmacy technician job. However, people taking this course should not worry much about where to find a job since there are very many places where drugs are sold either in terms of wholesale or retail.

 After gaining all the necessary skills, a pharmacy technician should look for a job in various places. He or she should not be selective since many people are looking for the same job. Hospitals are one of the places one should check on due to the fact that most of them have pharmacy departments. One should also apply for a job in various retail stores such as supermarkets. There are other places not named in this list. Anyone who may require detailed information should consult various healthcare specialists.

Preparation for a Pharmacy Technician Career

Many kids admire the pharmacy technicians in various hospital and retail stores. This is due to the fact that they are always smart and have a very professional look. The job of a pharmacy technician involves helping a certified pharmacist in filling various prescription documents and dispensing drugs. While dispensing medicines, technicians are supposed to offer patients comprehensible instructions on how the medication should be taken.

A qualified pharmacy technician is not only supposed to know how to count and dispense medicine, he or she should also have detailed information about various medicinal and non medicinal drugs. A technician with various skills and experiences has increased chances of getting employed. The beginning might be quite tough, but one should not lose hope because it gets less complicated as one proceeds with the career. While looking for a pharmacy technician job, one should choose a place where he or she will be able to deliver his or her services willingly.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why You Need A Pharmacy Technician License

pharmacy techncian license
A pharmacy technician license is essential for an aspiring pharmacy assistant. The reason a license is required in this field is, you will be handing and dispensing prescription drugs and other medical devices that need proper instructing. As a licensed health care professional, you can work in different environments such as community hospitals, retail hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, long-term care facilities, third-party insurance companies, software companies and some government agencies.

Pharmacy assistants with a license also perform administrative duties that are related to pharmaceutical practice. Examples of the administrative duties that a licensed technician does is reviewing and ensuring that correct medication and payment has been processed by health insurance companies. They can also review prescription requests from doctors’ offices. Through the years, the demand for pharmacy assistants with a pharmacy technician license has increased due to the number of tasks they can do.

Getting Your Pharmacy Technician License

In order to get you pharmacy technician license, one should go through a series of training programs and exams to become certified. Curriculums may vary from school to school and the state as well. Some may require more years of training than others. If you are researching this career on how to become a licensed pharmacy technician, you can  browse through forums to see which schools offer the best training. You can also ask for a quote so you have an idea if your budget can fit their tuition rate.

Getting the proper training is essential since there are a lot of cases where improper dispensing of medicines happen. You need to gain enough knowledge about the medications and laboratory equipment that you will be handling, so you are confident that you are giving the correct medication and providing accurate instructions to patients.

Some patients may ask you about various products and medication and as a pharmacy technician, you should be able to address their concerns. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in this field has been increasing and is expected to increase by 25% in 10 years.

If you think that you need to take a refresher course on medicines and other things that a licensed pharmacy assistant should know, then do not hesitate to take one. Your role as a pharmacy assistant would be a sensitive task. You should be able to help doctors and pharmacists prepare medications, label bottles, count tablets, and other things that only health care professionals like you are allowed to perform. There are many short courses available that would not require you to go out. There are online courses that can make you an effective assistant. If you do your job well, it may also give you chances of being promoted.

Aside from the knowledge on medicines, you should also be able to communicate well with your clients. If you are having a hard time understanding their concerns and instructions due to poor communication skills, you can enroll into language training courses that are effective in improving language flaws and communication barriers. You can enroll into online schools or you can get a tutor who can correct you and tell you where you need to focus on. Your choice of words would matter a lot when you deal with customers so it is best to have great communication skills. If you are able to understand and communicate with your bosses, colleagues and clients easily, then you would be able to do your job quicker and better.

Being a pharmacy technician might be challenging but people in this field are paid well compared to other professions. They can earn at least $15 per hour if they have a good performance and a license as well. If you think that this is the profession you are looking for, then you should aim to get proper training and apply for a pharmacy technician license so you are sure that you are not only working hard but earning well too.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Need for Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Before you're able to work at a pharmacy, you would need complete a pharmacy technician training. This is the only way you can get certification. During the training, you will be taught all the things you have to learn to fulfill the job of a pharmacy technician. Moreover, you will be able to develop the qualities you need.

Remember that the job of a pharmacy technician is not that easy, as it requires certain skills and qualities. You have to knowledgeable enough about the different medicines and other related stuff. This is because one of your responsibilities is providing people their prescribed drugs. Also, you must be capable of address their issues and concerns regarding their prescriptions. Without the proper knowledge for this, you will not be able to meet their needs and demands. This is also the main reason why you have to learn as much as you can from the training.

Where to Find Pharmacy Technician Training Program?

There are many ways to find a school offering pharmacy technician training programs. One is to ask for referrals. Ask your friends and family of they know a school or an institution accepting students who want to become a pharmacy technician. Another way is to make an online search. There are many web sites offering a list of available schools that you can consider. What's good with this is that you don't have to personally go from school to school just to find a program that best suits you. Also, you may also want to consider undergoing online training. With this, you can learn everything you need without having to leave the house. Online training is perfect for people who couldn't afford to regularly go to classes. Remember that it's very important to have the necessary education in order to get better job opportunities. Employers prefer pharmacy technicians who hold an associate's degree because this education is more advanced.